About us

               Codent Technology CO., Ltd is located in Foshan, China, which is a growing manufacturer in dental industry since 2008. We provide advanced design, rich experience, professional knowledge and continuous innovation to our clients. Guided by concept of People with Ability, Quality Priority and Human Design, we insist on manufacturing products which maximize convenience for dentists and benefit for patients. Our products pass through CE and FDA certification and cover markets all over the world, such as Asia, Africa, Middle East, Europe and America. In our goal of permanent improvement and originality, we would love to be an avant-garde option in long term added-value relationships. 

Our Major product iLight Suction is a renovated design, an advanced dental light product. Oral cavity is a dark place and it is easy to get sick. Dim light keep dentist from seeing clearly in the mouth is among the top concerns in dentistry. Our creative product solves this problem. The powerful light source and mouthpiece lighten the mouth. This human design mouthpiece insulates tongue from operation area. It is easier and safer for dentist to operate. Device also connects with suction system so that nurse can be released to handle more jobs. After testing, this renovated device can save about 15% to 20% operation time. In this way, dentist can complete more appointment each day. Besides, Fiber Optic product is very expensive. Use our Shining Suction can save huge cost which is allocated for purchase Fiber Optic product.
For our growth, we will be happy to attend any request, question or comment you may have at sales@codent-tec.com.