iLight Suction

iLight Suction, Model: CT-ISS-A











1.Work Faster, Brighter, Drier
Shining Suction is the only dental light that delivers continuous illumination, aspiration and retraction all in one easy-to-use, time-saving device that makes isolation easy and provides uninterrupted access to the patient. Shining Suction helps you work faster, brighter and drier.

2.Unique Patented Mouthpiece Creates a Wide Open, Well Lit Field
The unique, patented Shining Suction mouthpiece is the heart of the Shining Suction system. The soft, flexible, non-impinging Shining Suction mouthpiece

3. Shadowless Illumination
By lighting the patient's oral cavity from within the mouth, Shining Suction provides a unique, shadowless illumination solution that benefits both practitioner and patient. New LED technology and the streamlined design of Shining Suction completely eliminate the need for light box and fiber optic cable. The Shining Suction LED light source lasts more than 10,000 hours.

4. Better Ergonomics
The ergonomic design of Shining Suction reduces fatigue and repetitive stress associated with retraction, suctioning, eyestrain, and motion spent adjusting headlights, overhead light or otherwise positioning the patient for better access or visibility.

5. Shining Suction Eliminates Interruptions
•Wide open mouth and continuous aspiration mean swallowing, spitting or closing of the mouth no longer interrupt the flow of a procedure.
•You love your patients, but some of them talk, and talk. The comfortable bite block of Shining Suction puts you in control of the conversation.
•Time wasted repositioning the chair to accommodate sit-up/spit-out is a thing of the past!

6. More Appointments per Day Means Greater Profitability
•With Shining Suction, dental practices are able to schedule more procedures in a day and thus generate more profit in the same amount of time.
•Shining Suction automates the routine tasks of aspiration and light management, allowing everyone to be more productive in the same amount of time.
•The trans-illumination qualities of Shining Suction provide the opportunity for doctors to identify and diagnose additional problems and often treat the unscheduled work in the same appointment.
•Happy patients spend less time in the chair with greater comfort, making them more likely to return for their next visit,


Technical Parameter
Working Condition: -10°C to +40°C
Humidity: 30%-75%
Storage and transportation: -10°C to +40°C
Humidity: 10%-95%
Detailed Parameter
Voltage: DC 4.5V, 2A
AC/DC Adapter: Input: AC 100-240V, 50-60Hz
        Output: DC 4.5V