Dental Laser

Soft Tissue Dental Laser( CT-DL-A)

 Soft Tissue Dental Laser



1. Laser Assisted in Periodontal Treatment, Frenectomy and Root Canal Disinfection

2. Reduced Anesthesia, Scarring, Swelling, Bleeding and Post-operative Sensitivity

3. For 95% of procedures 2.5 Watts of energy is more than enough to complete the task. Primarily using 0.8-1.4 Watts for the majority of soft tissue laser dentistry.


Technical information:

1. Laser Wavelength: 810nm±15nm

2. Output Power: 0-3.0W Max CW/ 0-4.5W peak Power (Pulse model) 

3. Power Accuracy: ±20% 

4. Aiming Beam: Laser diode, Max 2Mw ( from 200μm tip), 650±10nm

5. Continuous or Pulse Mode

6. Laser pulse duration: Continuous/ 0.1ms/1ms

7. Laser Pulse interval:  0.2ms/1ms



1. Dental Clinic will increase 30% turnover.

2. Shortening treatment duration

3. Increasing ability to perform more treatments.

4. Increased marketable visibility and prestige

5. Rapid healing, healthier treatment